What is Integrative Skincare?

We already know that we are what we eat. That is evident. Our diet shows  in how we feel and in how we look. So why wouldn’t the same go for our  beauty products? Guess what — it does.

The average American consumer absorbs 13 pounds of topical  ingredients into their body during their lifetime. We must take into  consideration that there are no regulatory agencies overseeing what  goes into cosmetic products within the United States. If you take this  information, knowing that our skin is our largest organ — and an extremely absorbent one, it can feel overwhelming to make informed choices.

Holistica Skincare and Massage is committed to using and selling products made by companies that are committed to consumer safety, the environment and zero animal testing.

The product lines represented at Holistica uphold these high standards. Please read below for more information on these product lines.

Dr. Hauschka Skincare

Dr. Hauschka Skincare was first formulated 49 years ago in Eckwalden, Germany, where it is still made. All ingredients used in the Dr. Hauschka products are biodynamically grown (the strictest growing standards in the world). If the products are not grown and hand-harvested on their farm in Germany, the ingredients are grown on a biodynamic cooperative farm. The mission of Dr. Hauschka Skincare is: “to heal humanity and the earth.” Click here to shop Dr. Hauschka Skincare Products >


 Rhonda Allison Skincare                              

Scientifically natural skincare for amazing results. Rhonda Allison products provide active ingredients like no other. The products blend the best active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create superior treatments that will transform the condition of your skin, bringing it to its optimum potential for health and beauty. These products are for specific results in all skin types including aging skin, rosacea, severe acne, hyper pigmentation and dryness. Click here to shop Rhonda Allison Skincare>