Assisting your Skin Through Seasonal Change




Ah, seasonal change. With the temperature cooling, forced air heat coming on, and sweater weather just around the corner, skin is more likely to get dry, irritated, and dehydrated. Fall is the perfect time to get a jump start on the harsh upcoming winter weather, and repair skin from summer damage such as added hyper pigmentation.



Step 1: Feeling Dry? Curb your foaming cleanser.

Remember, that your skin never needs to be squeaky clean!! Foaming cleanser removes natural oils that your skin needs to defend itself. Replace your foaming cleanser with something rich and milky. We LOVE the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk. Use this as a first step makeup remover, for a deeper cleanse follow up with the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. On a budget? Try warming 1/2 tbs of raw, unrefined coconut oil between your hands. Massage onto dry skin and remove with a warm, wet cloth. In dry weather- oil cleansing is AMAZING!


Step 2: Keep Hydrated

Water. Water. Water. Get a water bottle that you love, isn’t too bulky, and take it with you everywhere. Set a goal for the day- i.e. I am going to refill my water bottle 4 times by 3:00. Then do it!!


Step 3: Switch up your moisturizer.

Here is a good go to of Dr. Hauschka Moisturizer Switchups:
SUMMER                                    FALL
Melissa Day Cream                   Quince Day Cream or Rose Day Cream Light
Rose Day Cream Light             Rose Day Cream
Quince Day Cream                   Add One Pump of Moisturizing Day Cream (unless you are highly sensitive)
Moisturizing Day Cream         Stick with it! This is the perfect moisturizer for training the skin year round on oil production!
Normalizing Day Oil                Melissa Day Cream
Rose Day Cream Only             use this year round if you are post menopausal or have little to no oil production year round. Otherwise try Moisturizing Day Cream and see what happens!


Step 4: Exfoliate

Yuck-O. Built up skin cells, excess oil, sweat, occlusive skincare products. Let’s get that stuff off so that it can properly absorb! A gentle scrub 2 times a week can do the trick. For better results try doing a series of light chemical peels- Coming soon to Holistica!

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