The Sunscreen Debate

People are always asking me what my take is on sunscreen. This is a tough one to answer, but here are my two cents….

It seems that everywhere I go, people are lathering up with sunscreen. Many people that I encounter cover themselves in SPF 50 or higher every day, even if most of their day is spent inside. As a mom, I take my son to the pool in the summer and watch (in horror) as people hose their kids down with flammable sunscreens from a can. I on the other hand, layer my little one with a thin layer of natural sunscreen, a sun hat and a UPF swimming shirt.

I find it ironic that things like Osteoporosis and Depression, have risen in conjunction with our sunscreen obsessed society.Yes there are many factors in these pandemics, but we all need Vitamin D! Anyone would agree that vitamin D3 is necessary for our overall well being, and many are finding that their levels are extremely low.

Am I saying that we should skip sunscreen altogether? Absolutely not, but if we truly want to dodge the big “C” we need to look at the ingredients used in our sunscreen along with the technology used to manufacture it. Stick with the safe formulas! Look for natural mineral sunscreens made by companies that do not use nano-technology (where the particles seep into your bloodstream).

Stick with formulas that use these ingredients as their active ingredients:
zinc oxide
titanium dioxide

Ingredients to avoid include:
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)

Here are a few of my favorites!

Best for Kids (great for grown ups too!)
-Badger Sunscreen SPF30
-Little Twig Sunscreen SPF30

Best for Face (these formulas use clear-zinc which won’t turn you white!)
-Vital Therapy Sol Protect SPF20
-MyChelle Sunscreen for Face SPF32

By avoiding chemical laden sunscreens, and remembering that these may need to be applied more frequently, you are doing yourself, the earth and your family a great favor! Also remember, a little sun does the body and spirit good! Grab a hat and an umbrella, it’s almost summer!

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