How Tess’ practice is changing (and staying the same)……

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Well, the countdown has ended. My little biz has opened and begun to bloom. What a blessing! After 13 years of practice and 4 great years at Apothecary Tinctura, I am proud to expand into this new space to serve my clients and expand my community!

The Many Blessings of Massage

During this transition, I have been creating my tiny oasis, and found myself working with several expectant mothers. Prenatal massage is my first love. There is nothing like pampering a woman during this sacred time- whether it is just to work her tired feet and legs, treat severe back pain or sciatica or simply let her rest for a while and wrap her cozy warm while we do an aromatherapy scalp massage. My favorite moments are when a woman smiles or laughs when she feels baby kick, or even better, when I get to feel baby kick too!

I have been working with lots of new mothers post delivery as well, doing healing work to open chests, soften the shoulders and assist in aches and pains post delivery. Several of these sessions have been house calls because baby is still to small to go out into the world. Holding these tiny angels after watching them grow while working on their mommies is the best thing ever. Watching the creation of a family, regardless of what that may look like, is what makes me love these sessions the most.

A twist in my approach to Skincare….

I have spent the past ten years using nothing but Dr. Hauschka skincare products in my practice. The divine “cleanliness” of these products is second to none. The philosophy behind the products is what put me over the moon, and ten years later I am still in love. Their mission statement is: “to heal humanity and the earth”. How does it get better than that? I am proud to be a Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and this will always be the heart of my practice.

In the past few years however, I have received many requests from clients for products containing “active” ingredients. More of a result based line. I visited spas, consulted with estheticians, did product research both online and on my face… this is what I found: Ah! THAT was why I started using Dr. Hauschka Skincare products on myself and my clients. My skin was red, irritated and over all- a wreck.

That’s when I ran into an old friend who mentioned, Vital Therapy Skincare products. Here’s their story….. Ted Keller is a Denver Pharmacist and Naturopathic Physician (which I think is a super-cool combination). Several years ago, his wife got breast cancer. One night, Ted was in the bathroom and began to read the ingredients in her products. These, as do most skincare products, contained high levels of carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting ingredients. Ted set out on a mission to develop truly non-toxic skincare products. These contain highly active, result based ingredients, beautiful botanicals and simply put: no crap. As I have tested and tried these products on myself (highly sensitive) clients, friends and family- the results are astounding. Real non toxic products used for Real results. Especially battling signs of aging or acne. So…. I proudly introduce to you my second line of skincare products, available in treatments or for online purchase. Vital Therapy Skincare!! Currently 20% off and available right here on my website 🙂

So as things change, I am still offering all of the same treatments, and then some….

Self Care is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. I hope to see you soon!!

Love, Tess

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